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Welcome to smalltalkers unique Baby Coaching Program! Join other new parents and while your little one plays, you get real-time answers to your everyday eating, sleeping, playing, all-about-baby questions. Learn what you can do to stay calm and carry on in your new and ever changing life with baby. Try out age-appropriate, developmental activities to engage and entertain your little one. Discover easy outings to get your baby out and about. Receive practical tips, techniques, and strategies for positive parenting your baby from the start!
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enchanters (3-5 months), babblers (6-8 months), movers & shakers (8-11 months), weeblewobbles (12-14 months), walkytalkys (15-19 months), chatterbugs (20-26 months), TotallyTwos! (2 year olds) Toddlers and Tantrums, Manageable Mealtimes, Talk to Me Baby!, Babble Jabber Talk, More Play Please, Bothersome Behaviors, Social Success, Babies Books and Bonding Personal Consults in your home or by phone Playgroups, Friends, New Moms Groups, or Lunch Bunch In your home, Observation of Communication Skills, Answers to Your Questions, Recommendations and Resources Provided